Coronavirus fatality rates

Office for National Statistics compares UK with European countries

Continue doing this analysis to see what happens what you what we've seen in the UK for example over the last few weeks all right sieve if deaths below what we would normally see in these weeks if the air and so that will have an impact and we'll bring that sickest into line the other important point to note is that although the U. K. at the peak of the pandemic didn't see the highest rates of deaths it did to the pandemic and the effect on excess deaths did lofts slightly longer in the U. K. which pushed up that and that take to take to number of deaths Ben Humberstone from the and that's what I'm joined now by the BBC's had all statistics Robert Cuffe hello T. Roberts just give us a little bit more context festival at for the statistics what exactly was the ONS looking **** and comparing it were bombarded with different numbers complete counting the deaths every day so it's it's worth taking second so take a look at the figures.
Yes we've seen so far this year you see that that kind of peak peak arriving in the middle of March the kind of shot open to April and came down that's the extra debts that we've seen in the U. K. they're comparing this across different European countries but of course the picture for the U. K. it's not just one picture it's not that different pictures in Scotland and Wales London is different to Birmingham and also different ages so you know the the death rates have been hardest for the old people if anyone is unclear exactly what excess deaths referred to with us to explain it for service is how many more dense you'd expect to see compared to normal and what makes this analysis different to the the analysis that we've been talking about for weeks and weeks is that they don't just look at the numbers here but they also say well how many times would you expect among 8 year old and how many 8 year olds live here and how many 40 year olds live here so it's a bit more sophisticated and it makes comparisons across countries at much more repulsed it means we can we can we can believe the much more than what the 2 things.