Coronavirus: Australia's deadliest day

13 people died and more than 700 new cases

Well now it's 723 cases in the last 2004 hours since the state record and national record the increase since the and that might be yeah only in the beginning of the week on Monday before I recorded about 123 cases at the time that was the record high and time hello forties we're saying we're hoping this is going to be for hoping to see more numbers well they did see a couple of days a lower number.
I S. spy very very concerning as well because a lot of the cases had hit aged care facilities but also also one of the worrying trend is that there are cases number popping up in regional Victoria so outside of metropolitan number maybe to regional Victoria and so from midnight tonight at there are some areas in regional Victoria that are not now not allowed visitors and now all of Victoria and people are going to be required to wear masks when leading our houses and that's when midnight local time Sunday right now having to come to terms with the if you like the time lag on there because that's 3 weeks in lockdown in any case I guess a lot of people would be thinking well by then hopefully everything will be coming down.
I happen anytime soon because of what we're seeing I think there are 2 major reasons for the numbers that make your experiencing right now one is the aged care facilities 10 of the 13 that's the date had been aged care homes there are about 87 to nearly 90 outbreaks in aged care facilities with the crisis in its own right because it's getting the most vulnerable in the state one other thing the state premier Daniel Andrews has alluded to deal with the fact that there are many people still showing up at work we've shown by arson things for winter still waiting for test results the army has been helping help reports you can help workers on the ground the door knocking in several areas of the hospital to Melbourne for example and they have reported that the show open house and people are not there some of whom have tested positive and the Russians have said and they are actually going to work so another another G. from the authorities for people to stay home from work from home or stay home if they're showing symptoms but again the big worry about those rising numbers China Khalil there were cases of.
Being rolling back some of the restrictions that had been relaxed over the past week or so so if you're looking at the the second social bubble here the number of people outside the Ohio house so you can get in say is being reduced from 15 down to 5 so that desperately trying to get a handle on things yeah you mentioned 912 there and I think this is the issue again isn't it is what someone described as the comeback of community transmissions and it's very geographical very specific and yet says we've seen from the British government's perspective you know quarantine ruling tends to hit the whole country so so the risk is in terms of impact is huge.

It is that if you look at the Europe in the broadest sense is actually the south east and boat Balkan region which is being affected the most cost of health officials there saying the host which was already overwhelms Croatia's see the number of cases and if you talk about how the whole country is impacted by of coronavirus rates the the creation towards a board that was saying actually the places that become real whole sports destinations the people across Europe of flock suit they remain safe it is actually social gatherings and other parts of the country which is affected the overall pitches so difficult decisions for oversee the tourism industry across Europe but crucially for the health officials and for governments trying to keep both that people say but say that visits a safe as well.

As Nick big.