Huawei leads mobile phone market

Chinese firm overtakes Samsung as number one seller of phones

China is what's helping to boost smartphone sales for the company and I think that's really a reflection of the fact that the pandemic began in China first and China is now best to recover from those lockdowns you're starting to see some degree of consumption data picking up that the economy is looking like it saying up patchy uneven recovery and comparison to other parts of the world which is why rivals like some some for instance whose main markets in places like Brazil or India for instance hasn't seen as such strong sales this quarter but analysts point out even in this.
At you know bomb while we may not well be something that's long lasting because other countries will start to recover soon and and in a sense always main basket is China and if you're just focused on that one market no matter how big it is it's not going to be something that's going to pull you through in the long run and that's the concern for quality not just on that smartphone sales but obviously of course with regards to 5 G. because increasingly countries are being forced to choose companies are being forced to choose between Holloway which is being seen as backed by the Chinese government although both Beijing and while we have consistently denied this I'm feeling the pressure from the United States to choose companies in developing 5 G. technology that aren't Chinese so it it's a very difficult time for the Chinese company but it's done remarkably well when it comes to selling smartphones smartphones in China yeah it's not like it's going under is it that's for sure how.
Because in the course of the last couple of hours we're getting some results coming through for the second quarter from a number of big companies shell for example reported $18000000000 losses and aposs about $2000000000 right now we're talking about record losses and that's partly correct of ours poly Nissen but that's the message isn't it week we're talking about April may June they're gonna look like the worst months of all time.

You know that's the signal that we're getting from company executives and some of them saying that we've seen you know we're seeing the cut out of this and what they mean by that is the shape of the economic recovery but all bets are off frankly David all of it depends on whether or not these countries some of the main markets continue to see what is being called the second wave or a second surge and you know I don't want to go into sort of economic jargon here but many analysts are saying to me what we're looking out for is what alphabetical shape of the economic recovery and the corresponding a corporate recovery will be seen that we looking at things like W. this way you see a really shopped it down and then you start to see sales popping up economic growth popping up again and only to have that to again would use because of a second such are we going to see a sustained economic recovery which of course is what everybody is hoping for we went to see.