Phantom of the Opera to close in West End

7 I you know I've worked for both Cameron and Andrew and their 2 incredibly generous humans and the fact that there is nothing they can do this is forces beyond any of our control it is absolutely devastating and I know that everybody shares in this it's interesting reading books economic condition to say because he he agreed he'd become a very wealthy man from the spectacular musicals that have gone right around the world is there no way you think that he could have perhaps subsidize this until perhaps the social distancing masses have been resolved.

Well I don't know what Cameron's financial situation and I think that is the thing that everybody wants thanks once.
About he made his money from the theater and he is giving all his money back into the theater and so generously to his actors and I know that he he is someone who really takes care of his performers and his staff and continues to do as much as you can so it really just breaks my heart that this is the situation that we're in and it's it's it in my opinion it's of no fault of anyone except that I accept this pandemic that we're in and I really really think there should be something for the arts I always say try to get through this pandemic try to get through this quarantine without the arts as we've all seen show people where some of the most resilient people and we come together we've been singing online we've been doing all kind.
So we everyone's in such a difficult place so try to do that without try to feel better without some type of singing or any type of the arts there must be some type of financial support.

British government has made 1.5000000000 pounds available I didn't help the one topping for you over that but presumably it's been devastating for you in fact are saying is as well just announce it to that and if you would because we've only got a few seconds left could you sing us out.

Some of the old rule he's here inside the online.