Trump Covid-19 briefing

HHS FEMA and the private sector combined.

Have coordinate the delivery of more than 196000000 N. 95 respirators 815000000 surgical masks 20000000 gloves 34000000 facials and 354000000 gallons it's a lot of gallons.

Last week FEMA completed a second shipment of personal protective equipment to over 15000 nursing homes in the United States our big focus has been on nursing homes and senior citizens as you know.
Where we want to take care we have to take care of the most vulnerable.

Especially if they have a medical difficulty a medical problem in particular heart or diabetes which provided a total of 1.2000000 pairs of protective eyewear 14000000 mask.

Mask 66000000000 pairs of gloves and 13000000 gallons.

We have replenish the long neglected national stockpile in January the stockpile had 17.9000000 N. 95 masks today the stockpile has over 50000000 N. 95 masks and we'll be doubling that in a very short period of time and then doubling that number.

We've shipped more than 14000 ventilators to areas of need across the country and we've more than 75000 available to deploy not a single American who is needed a ventilator has been denied of.
Remember early on when we were first hit with the virus ventilators were very hard to come by and now with the largest maker anywhere in the world by far and not only are we fully supplied and stocked but we're helping other nations because ventilators are hard to build and hard to get.

This is just the beginning in the coming months we will continue the largest on shoring campaign in American history we will bring back our jobs hello to all Jews are joining us in the U. K. joining those watching us around the world on BBC world news we are taking this press conference live by Donald Trump in the White House so he's going through a whole series of positive figures ready about the equipment and PPA that is being produced to try and combat the pandemic which of course is still gripping America the worst affected country in the world by the Florida said starting to head down in the right direction and I think you'll see it rapidly had them.
If you look California Arizona Texas and for the most part most of Florida starting to head down in the wake of the recent mass gatherings Americans have witnessed in the streets of Portland and Seattle we are also tracking is significant rise in cases in both metropolitan areas because of what's been going on and we as you know I've done a excellent job of watching over Portland and watching our court house where they wanted to burn it down there anarchists nothing short of anarchist agitators.

And we have protected it very powerfully and if we didn't go there I will tell you you wouldn't have a court has you'd have a you have $1000000000 burned out building.

We're also working aggressively to combat the virus a native American and Alaska native communities under the cares act we provided $8000000000 to address the corona virus and tribal communities.
Very hard with tribal communities a very vulnerable to this horrible plague that's the largest investment in Indian country in U. S. history there's never been an investment that big in Indian country.

We need every American to help protect our fellow citizens of prevent the spread of the disease it's critical that younger Americans remember that even though they are at lower risk and in fact some are and some age groups are extraordinary low risk themselves they can unknowingly spread the virus to others who are at higher risk I ask all Americans regardless of background or age to practice social distancing which people have gotten very used to.

But we have to keep doing it remain vigilant about hygiene avoid indoor gatherings and large gatherings but especially indoor especially where you have crowded bars and that you wear a mask whenever appropriate.
Through the genius of our scientists the devotion of our doctors the skill of our workers and the dedication of our people we will achieve victory over the virus and emerge stronger than ever before we're looking at a very powerful year next year economically the job numbers are looking an outstanding to put it mildly set records the numbers on retail retail sales came in 2 weeks ago at the highest number in the history of our country so we look like we're heading through some very very good economic times that means jobs that means stock market stock market is already doing very well it's getting to a point very close to where it was when we had this would we were hit with the the plague so I just want to thank everybody for being here Steve please go ahead 4 or 5 years after the speech for the Republican nomination are you physically going to be a Charlotte or you we give the speech here somewhere else will be doing a speech on.
This page the primary speech Charlotte they will be doing the nominating on Monday that's a different that's a different area different thing happening but they'll be doing nominations on Monday I speak on Thursday okay from where I will go we'll be announcing it soon photo courtesy going to charge anybody have any ideas we'll be announcing it versus.

The negotiations are ongoing right now for the next relief measures Republican Senate Republican support their plan do you support what Senate Republicans have put forward and are there certain aspects that they put forward that you don't support together are actually and we'll be talking about it there are you know also things and I very much support but we'll be negotiating it's sort of semi irrelevant because the Democrats come with their needs and asks and the Republicans go with theirs so will be discussed.
Make sure in all of the other people involved Kevin's been very Activision L.

All of the people involved Stevenage's done a great job keeps everybody together both Democrats and Republicans and we'll see we want to do what's best for the people I want to do what's best for the people I want to do what's best for the economy because that means jobs and lots of good things are.

21 Republican.

A few sessions weekly first can you clarify your position on the efficacy of hypoxic or planned after he retweeted a video of making claims that it is.

The the it's recommendations of many other peoples and people including doctors a many doctors think it is extremely successful the hydroxy clerical coupled with the zinc and perhaps the zip through my sin but that many doctors think it's extremely good.
Go dell some people I think it's become very political I happen to believe in it I would take it as you know I took it for a 14 day period and I'm here right now I'm here I happen to think it's it works in the early stages the frontline medical people believe that to some many and so we'll take a look at it but the one thing we know it's been out for a long time that particular formula and that's what essentially what it is the bill and it's been for malaria lupus and other things at it it's safe it doesn't cause problems I had no problem I had absolutely no problem felt no different didn't feel good bad or indifferent I and I tested as you know it didn't it didn't get me and it's not going to hopefully hurt anybody so we know from that same front because it's been so many years from a safety standpoint is safe I happen to think based on what I.