Malaysia former PM trial

Former PM Najib Razak found guilty of abuse of power

It relates to this massive financial scandal call 1 N. D. B. 88 as right now for several years while Mr Najib was in power until he lost the election have very surprisingly in not 20188 there was no progress a toll on these things and at Mr Nagy himself absolutely off you lost power the investigations were initiated by the new reformist government for the half $0 went missing during this at the scandal from I I government investment fund that was in effect in effect run by Mr Najeeb he's also finance minister on this particular case relates to around $10000000 that was siphoned into Mr Najib's account it's his personal bank account from 1 of these the government investment funds and.
According to the prosecution responsible for sci fi huge amounts of money from a government pension fund into this fund and some that went into that account there are other trials coming up involving much larger amounts of money some of it was spent by a very flamboyant associate of the prime minister he's a fugitive from justice right now we spent lavishly on Hollywood policies on property in the United States it has gripped the country for a long time now what's important about this trial that is the first and is the first verdict again missed against Mr Najib is but his policy that lost power in 2018 is now backing government in a coalition Mr Najib is still very powerful in that policy there were a lot of doubts over whether this trial would go against him given the influence he was it seems now to have but the judge was in no doubt the toll on the first count of the evidence was firmly against Mr Naji he's rolling now on the accounts of money laundering and it.
After 20 years in prison although the former prime minister that can appeal but with that criminal conviction hanging over him at the prospect of him making some kind of political comeback looks a lot more distant now Malaysia the moment it's politics is very very fluid said this has a big political impact as well as an enormous boost to put those in Malaysia who've been pushing for years for a form of fighting corruption I want some kind of accountability is the first time they see a figure this powerful actually brought to account so it's a big big moment.