Spain-UK travel quarantine

To Spain to include the valley Eric and Canary Islands following a rise in corona virus cases the amended advice came off the calls for clarity from travel companies and is that lines announced sweeping flight cancellations Kevin is returning to the UK from anywhere in Spain must now self isolate for 14 days at a registered address holiday from jet 2 has told passengers not to go to the apples after canceling flights to all Spanish destinations on Tuesday what.
His words on Saturday suddenly found his need to pump wasn't in entire agreement with him Lisa and I would agree that we can relax on that front I think the White decision that they've made since quarantine everybody returning from space does look very very sweet I mean if you look at what Germany who have a notice in the volume of people going to stay in the moment and have a slightly better infection rate in the U. K. they've done it is pretty much more sensible the Spanish a turnaround told people who are going to high risk areas to come back when they come back get tested I think branding not not by the people but telling everyone that they have to quarantine upon return is a is a is a retrograde step at talks apparently underway now for the possible and bridges.
I think that would work.

It should work I mean it would be sensible and I come I come see what they didn't do it immediately then I have to have a lab tools these arrives where an island and people that people on holiday the mistake to be several cabinet ministers I believe about that Sir I meant to say these these tools will run ahead I think what what what concerns me I suppose first is the 1.8000000 people whose lives have been disrupted by this decision and it is that they've been told by the government that I thank the holiday the jobs all that money HFD and and this is a desperate situation let's be like also appreciate Spain is in a really difficult places well known the 18000000 prescriptions right every year the now facing 1.8 and they lose that 1.8 so it's it's a desperate situation I think what sorry keep.

It is interesting isn't it the different reactions from different airlines and all that.
Be very obvious they will behave the same way it's a crisis people react in different ways I think what's more pressing is the the the the attention is being drawn to the impact in Spain the impacts on British holidaymakers at some stage detention has to sweep around see what's happening in the U. K. so U. K. inbounded the street which is 95 percent down this year and is gonna leave the 30000000000 pound hold on the UK economy and it might last is not graduate grabbing the attention was grabbing the attention is British people going to spank sad and desperate though that is is nothing like a sock desperate is the place of the UK inbound industry let's talk about other countries how off putting you think this whole situation is going to be to people generally booking holidays to other destinations they might think look I'm not gonna book anyway because goodness knows what's going to happen tomorrow.

You did not your perfect right I mean the the the the it is pointless be issuing reassurances when the government can spin round make use of state so it there is no reason to panic it's full scores you know people in the band their eggs they may do something similar to any other destination and it places a lot of people's holiday plans in jeopardy okay Tom Jenkins thank.