Coronavirus: WHO warning

WHO Director-General: The pandemic continues to accelerate

Content that's been spared is Antarctica truly the world has never faced anything like this since the great influenza pandemic of 1918 and so you know over 100 years later we're experiencing something that I hope we will never have to experience again in our lifetimes so you would cross it is more severe than say a Boeing or swine flu can you see an end to it.

Yes it's clearly much more severe than a bola or swine flu swine flu is not very at the genic we actually have a vaccine for it now it's in our seasonal influenza vaccines Ebola was something that we've had a couple of dozen outbreaks in sub Saharan Africa attention we we brought them on or to control sars we brought in to control murders this is something that we.
We all the time well how long will this take I never thought I would know the answer but if you think back to the influenza pandemic if you think back to other pandemics it usually has a 2 to 3 year lifespan so it we were about a half a year into it now but maybe a year point 5 will start to pull ourselves out but it will not go away we're going to be learning to live with cold 19 a combination of vaccines or treatments and natural immunity but it's going to be here and it'll probably be here for our lifetimes are increasingly professor the experts we talked to a suggesting it may be seasonal as well but it is linked this transmissibility is linked to the humidity and the yeah well we're also being told I think officially now for W. H. show the travel restrictions are unlikely to be announcer any kind of long term is there any kind of long term bonds.
Doesn't look like this is going to be quite seasonal the way influenza is and we've seen it in the raging hot summers we've seen it in the winter and so I think this is something that we just can't expect the climate or the weather D. D. changed and you know I I I think we're going to be in for a really hard time in the northern hemisphere this autumn because we're gonna have people coming back from holidays back to school universities and then we're also going to have to do let the damn except cold and influenza and so I can see spikes coming in the fall.

Professor Lawrence Gostin that the Spanish prime minister put.