Obesity strategy launched for England

Restaurants will be asked to display calorie counts on menus

And it's not just the effects of what these these interventions would pay for the customer that you know out there in the general public is also back in the big food industry in the business they will absolutely free for me like I'm you know as we saw with a sugary drinks tax well all of those funds go directly to primary schools and you know we see how his business is a very quickly pivoted reformulated I'm actually interestingly with drinks a federation their business is out there making more money because of healthier choices and the public want healthy choices and they've taken them so I I think is that what I done one is I don't want government controlling so you hit 90 state here I'm I think most people recognize that our kids deserve good parenting love care attention and when things are going awry we need to intervene that's what could civilized community and government should take.

Ask you to take off for just one moment your hats as.
A **** hot as restaurant owner because of the C. one of the things in the measures is calorie labeling in restaurants as we know right now people go to restaurants to eat all facing and with great to hygiene right to social distancing that taking risks judging with themselves and so now they're going to have calorie labeling on talk is that a problem what do you think that's in the system well it is it's for the bigger businesses the franchise.
Small family business but anything over 250 people change basically these are the places where hardworking British people's going to daily basis but daily nutrition and of course they they deserve IT clarity you know certainly my restaurants have had teachers who information for quite some time we haven't seen any ill effects of it what it does actually is once you legislate against the truth over even if you just look at calories I mean it could be more detail than that but if you could just calories if you look at a menu is all over the top then you realize that you're not giving customers choice so we're looking a lot of things now in the restaurant industry vegan diets vegetarian diets 34 years ago these were lost that now it's really important to stay commercial to stay profitable and I think you know I think this is a really positive movies a lot of businesses are doing already what we require is a fair playing field Jamie Oliver thanks so much for joining us he.