Olivia de Havilland dies

Olivia de Havilland was made a Dame in 2017

Sure she's got in a resolver grand.

One a picture of his red says how soft exterior concealed a coal of steel I guess we saw that when she took on and broke the U. S. studio system.

Yeah I actually I was in the role she played she did have this quality of being someone that people rather underestimated in real life too and that the bottle that she had in the studio was particularly ferocious other actresses and actors who tried to sue one over this before but she's very tenacious she called her money all that into it and despite the terrible piece that came away for doing so she won in the end even if it did mean source requesting a couple of years of her own career and that toughness in contract posted that come through on screen in other roles as well.

Well especially you see this as soon as we would come back from after the court battle and she stalls and the thing is I think one of the most famous and popular roles these days is in the then well so the dog.
It's always lead you guys both roles she plays the evil twin I'm the good twin and the really fun thing about performance issue colorways tell which is which and which of them would have done the mud that that's at the heart of the film I have not seen that I need to concede now but can you talk a bit about her role in gone with the wind because you'd never guess that that person is gone with the wind played and gone with the wind was such a tough character in real life.

It's interesting you know when gone with the wind was being cast so many stories about the fact that many many actresses were necessary to tradition first call it hard this is going to be a role that would really really make that career and.
Yeah but you know I think that's the cousin Melanie Carter is actually quite well but love it and I think it's the sweetness about role that India to audiences that and but it's a sort of seriousness about role that we find a kind of modern aspect in the heavens performance and that's why I have popularity is really into it and she's still struggling but and there was a rather unique relationship with her late sister Joan Fontaine who also won an Oscar.

Yeah absolutely I am John foster had younger sister he did got the Oscar Navarro their rivalry was quite serious you could sort of overshadowed a lot of talk about how and it's continue to up until quite recently the television service future while there are still certain scenes in that film what happened just picture it and doing things she said she she doesn't talk about and that she's never done including using a particularly our crew words about his sister so that rivalry ready to sort of define her career for quite a long time unfortunately she didn't see the makers of the TV program so it's it's a at the age of 102 she chooses yes.

Second landmark legal case and change Hollywood's second time I've chosen successful this time.