Spain coronavirus spike

Catalonia government closes all nightlife in the region

There we have seen last weekend as well as yesterday how some cars left away to their second homes at meetings of up to 10 people are bond nightclubs are closed and that young man that came yesterday in the entire region bars and restaurants are limiting their capacity to 50 percent with Paris is now forcing to to shut down at midnight and seen a mask universe sports facilities engines are also closed and some businesses and stores require previous upon appointments also beaches here and now that it's extremely sunny and and the summer makes people want to go to the beach are also limiting their their capacity at all police having to enforce some of base you said that some people think it's.
Well there is control but mostly what we've seen here in in California is that 2 weeks ago the face masks were made mandatory even social distancing is guaranteed in all public places with fines of up to €100 but well these are recommendations remains and we were mentioning before so at some point police can not of course you do not go to a terrorist and I go to a restaurant and and people of course the activity is not as high as a month ago when when the economy reopened and when we went back to these new normally T. scenario here in Spain in Barcelona but you still see a little bit of a DVD here and all the nightclubs closing bring suspended did you get the sense that the discussion on the public views in Catalonia is that it is young people and that I.