Gyms reopen across England

Indoor gyms and pools in England start to reopen

Which other hygiene is really important as well because you don't have to wear a mosque but you have to make sure you clean the equipment before you use it ventilation is really important as well for venues like this and there's some markings on some areas to make sure when people are doing their exercises they've got their own every apartment one else people have also been queuing up exercise call says you have to put those in their name so how many people can be in one class and one time same is true the swimming pool limited numbers in the swimming pool.

Any sessions could also starts again in Jim's honor Jack has been doomed you mean if you're in the store and then go in a moment.

And how's it going.

Sessions I am really enjoying it and just off the wax at such a distance for awhile and often you know it's just gonna take some getting used to Paul is just making sure we sell cars members one as we were before just barely more than anything and make sure they still got loads out of it yes you want to be able to actually touch them to correct what they didn't even tell me about exactly yeah you know we'll we'll work on live demonstrations and how we can solve portrayed I've it's Amanda and just to make sure they get as clear as possible.

And you need to see you how important is it to be back in the gym again I'm so happy honestly last night in state funding in here this morning to spell like you know as well as kind of physically get impacts road space man city's wow it's had a massive impact on me I'm just so happy Hey so my friends have been coming here for 12 years and much autopsy athletes.

And again thank you now a big crucial points for businesses in the fitness industry is how many people will renew the memberships again because there has been a bit of a drop off during the lockdown people have got used to maybe doing online sessions instead of falling equipment exercise hi just learning and slightly more may you stay safe the industry really needs these membership levels to creep up again if businesses like this are going to remain viable because they've got the challenge of the social distancing of fewer people being in some activities so they can see how things go in coming months to see how viable they can be going forward and of course the financial pressures of being such that not every swimming pool gym and leisure centre will be I will be able to open straight away the hobby warnings that some of them may have to close permanently but Hey at least there is evidence at least what we can see here that the people are keen to get back into Jim's again and start exercising as they have been doing for months absolutely Casey there in example 2 is so nice to see that these.
Exactly what the she said that for us now the problem is that many clubs are not to really prepare to reopen and this season I was coming down because it's the hot weather now and many of the people are not coming to the club sold what to what to most of them then managers are doing right now is try to prepare themselves for the future the next and then the first to my.
And we had to for the first 30 days a lot of people come to the club but at the same time once they come into the fitness clubs there realize why the way they were they would they should leave they they accept her and many of them just just quit India and didn't come anymore so we lost a lot of clients during the first 30 days of training because the manager is for the containing and that and then all that's really interesting what you're saying so basically you're saying that people did come back when you re open but then some of them what didn't like to have to be distance didn't like all the hygiene didn't like the mall squaring and Zachary right that's a problem.

That was problem yes first of all because you have a different kind of way to leave the genes.
Yeah the toilets and then did the did the change rooms are not to really opening all the clubs because that the measures here for us it was like a did the Judy changing roles you you cannot go everybody the same time so you can be like 34 people each time and this kind of service just stopping people to come to the club because it did become more afraid to come back so and then I seek to get was this situation was also this season because not as hot as the summer time many of the people decide to go out to our trainers are so what the clubs are doing and I would think about the future seeking what to do true true true stay close as people know what to do during this time to be close to them to make the training at the same time that's why all lined the trainee becomes very popular and people are looking for days more and more even hear you tell me what I think is all around the word right now I was gonna ask about online because I'm guessing some people also during the strict spirit of the lockdown the.
Good to go and train physically but at the same time to train online and if you have to close prepared himself given his opportunity the first sure we will keep people and they will keep people more close to them because a musty cannot come to the club they can train with their club in their home so you he you giving you a new service for my company fax press star did that with great about the firm to help also the fitness clubs to give this service for the clients and so in that way people can come to the club but you see they are not feeling like our city Mr call they can train at home and I I believe in truly believe that they will be the new transfer to future now because people are afraid and that's the first thing second is also then did the new mind set of training but you can really do at home if you want so at fitness clubs to had to change homes not to substitute that there there's a physical because people will love to go to the club and trace usually but it's really a good optional tool to maintain people close to you that's I think it's very important Charlie thank you so much and we wish you all the best.

Thank you.

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