Formula 1 cancellations

Move comes with increase in coronavirus infection rates in the Americas

All my meds for for these countries and of course for anyone to expose the drivers and teams to make all that traveling and of course these expensive to travel and have no expect they.

Or is the risk of getting that the virus and can you just give us a sense of I mean obviously it's it's a very big part of the world and you'll you'll have to generalize but just the sense of how important for me to one is it in the Americas.

Well to be honest the 4 races R. C. stopping now mom and speaking their.

8 you don't like the weekends are like really should have yet been support for the CD's for example in Mexico City.

300000 people at things the the formal around 3 in game now we can there are sold out the bands the the tickets aren't like sold Z. like it before the they've been so they're like really massive events are actually for example the Austin one Texas invested with of their break up on Mexico are one of the.

The easiest form for Formula 1 there are a lot of fans out of town visitors attending that raises it's a big crush old of course for the for the true reason because on on the bus I told you all during those weekends mostly 95 percent of their occupancy hotels restaurants so we sent you it's a big hit for for for the country and what I wonder if it's a big hit for Formula 1 itself for the industry into the business having to cancel these events and and said reschedule over in other parts of the world is forming a one going to be damaged by this.

Yes it has to be that much already they have lost many many races.

Without this spectators.

One of them is that the biggest budget that they have he's from fans from the bottle clubs so yes it also goes the one I'm organization as being losing what they so.