Egyptian filmmaker's death

Shady Habash jailed for music video mocking President Sisi

Exiled musician are criticizing Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al Sisi now pen America which is organized is very strong alliance of human rights organisations freedom of expression organizations right around the world to say that all that shoddy did was that he directed the music and not the content but they also say that why was he still in jail anyway he was there for some 793 days and that violates Egypt's only law about did you shouldn't hold person pre trial for more than 2 years and then came this tragic day on may 2 the official explanation is that he died because he mistook the hand sanitizer in the prisons because of covert 19 years of code 19 thought it was water rejection governments that they try to give him medical.
Ports that other inmates said that he was crying shouting for help so they're saying there could be medical negligence so they're calling for a full investigation and also for all the pre trial detainees to be released to this is this open letter Russian Bonnell 60 human rights organizations and one of the demands of cycle yes it's it it's interesting I think pen America realizes that it is because it has become a forgotten story and they should highlight Shadi Abbas because they say it sends a message to journalists and writers and intellectuals in each but they're not safe and in fact they could face the worst of dying in custody and SO in the letter addressed to the justice minister they they said that but there's about a dozen in pre trial detention including some very prominent Egyptian bloggers and internet intellectuals allies one of the most famous he's been arrested many times now on a hunger strike no Egypt always there's always a charge of fake news of belonging to forbidden organization and.
The commitment to respect international no and freedom of expression this is our role to out point them out and remind them that they have the right to side international treaties that they need to respect.

Pandemic covered 19 being used as an excuse and Egypt to clamp down on other rights yes there is a concern that 2 presidencies he like some other leaders around the world have just use this to strengthen his powers there be new directives issued regarding the food that the freedom of the press in Egypt most recently saying that journalists couldn't write under a pseudonym unless they gotta permission a journalist for the guardian was was expelled from the country because she wrote a story saying that the real numbers starting war with corporate 19 cases were bigger than the official tally and in the world press freedom index just recently issued by doctors are reporters without borders Egypt again drop down is 166 out of 180 please thank you very much for joining us having some light on that story.